Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Appointments

How do I make an appointment?

  • All appointments are free!
  • There are currently 4 Registered Dietitians at Student Health Services.
  • Call the appointment desk at 860-486-2719 to make your initial or follow-up appointment.
  • A dietitian is available between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday and some days at 8am.

What can I expect at my initial appointment:

  • The initial appointment is 45-60 minutes and follow-ups are 20-30 minutes.
  • A registered dietitian will structure the appointment around your needs and goals. The dietitian will first gather information about you, your medical history, your nutrition history and your current food intake. This information will allow the dietitian to determine your nutrient needs and will work with you to individualize a plan to help you to meet your goals.
  • To better prepare for the appointment and help us analyze your current eating habits, please complete and turn in this 3-day food record (instructions included) prior to your appointment. Please use this portion size guide to help you estimate your portions. Food records should be submitted by e-mail to Nutrition Counseling. By filling out and submitting this record prior to your appointment, time will be saved during the appointment and be better spent on helping you achieve your goals. In addition, the dietitian will have also had time to analyze your 3 day food record and provide you with a detailed assessment of your food intake. Even submitting a one day food record will be beneficial in the event that you do not have 3 or more days before your appointment.