Physical Activity Counseling

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Who can use the Physical Activity Counseling (PAC) services?

Any student enrolled at the University of Connecticut Storrs Campus can set up an appointment with the PAC.

What does the PAC do?

The Physical Activity Counselor (PAC) is a trained professional who provides advice and guidance in health and fitness and related areas. Regardless of present fitness level or experience, the PAC can offer assistance in beginning a new exercise program or provide guidance to improve an existing routine.

What are the appointments like?

All appointments are FREE! This includes the initial appointment as well as all follow-up appointments.

What happens during the initial appointment?

The Initial Appointment

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Location: Student Health and Wellness at the Hilda May Williams building (3rd floor, Room 304/308)
  • Dress: Normal, everyday clothing
  • Purpose: Health risk assessment and pre-participation screening.  Review of pertinent past medical and exercise history.  Review of personal concerns, needs, limitations, and goals
  • Preparation: Please complete the following forms and bring them with you to this initial appointment:
    1)  PAR-Q+
    2)  AHA/ACSM Pre-participation Screening Questionnaire
    3)  Exercise History Questionnaire
  • Upon Completion: Schedule Physical Fitness Assessment

What kind of follow-up appointments are offered?

Physical Fitness Assessment

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Location: Student Recreational Facility Lobby
  • Dress: Exercise Clothing; short-sleeve t-shirt, shorts/sweatpants, walking/running/cross training sneakers.
  • Purpose: Assess current physical fitness levels (in order to properly program a routine) through a battery of tests
  • Preparation: Ensure you have recreation facility access and are adequately prepared (fed, hydrated, etc.) prior to this fitness battery
  • Upon Completion: Schedule Exercise Programming Appointment

Exercise Programming Appointment

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Location: Student Recreational Facility Lobby
  • Dress: Exercise Clothing; short-sleeve t-shirt, shorts/sweatpants, walking/running/cross training sneakers.
  • Purpose: Review the results of the assessment and needs analysis, including explanation of values, categorical and percentile ranking. Discussion and demonstration of exercises prescribed by the PAC, including muscular strengthening, aerobic and core exercises. Opportunity for the student to ask any questions or discuss any other aspects of physical activity with the PAC
  • Upon Completion: Students will receive an informative packet containing their assessment results, an exercise program and materials related to their specific needs. Students are encouraged to maintain contact with the PAC to relay progress and address any questions concerning continuation of their physical activity regimen.

How do I set up my initial appointment?

Call Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) at 860-486-2719


Stop by the scheduling desk located on the first floor of the Hilda May Williams building.

I've set up my initial appointment but I'm not sure where to go. Where is the PAC located?

The PAC offices are located on the third floor of the Student Health and Wellness at the Hilda May Williams building, offices 304 and 308. You will be directed to the PAC office when you go to the check in desk at SHaW on the first floor. Once checked in, proceed upstairs to the PAC office, sign your first name on the board located on the office door and have a seat.